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Facilities And Services

A. Land and Buildings. The buildings and other land holdings cover an aggregate area of 7.06 hectares. FCIC consists of a number of imposing buildings: the main building which houses classrooms for high school and college classes, administrative offices and the Research Office; the Learning Resource Center which houses the laboratories, typing room, libraries, computer rooms, speech laboratory and classrooms; the elementa building; a gymnasium; a graduate school building; a student center with canteen facilities; two other buildings, one of which houses a carpentry shop, a print shop and the Physical Plant and Maintenance Office, while the other contains the vocational equipment and additional classrooms for high school and college; a school Chapel; the Non-Formal Education Building; the Bonzel Health and Nutrition Center and a Mini-stage plaza.

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B. Chapel. Near the school gate and accessible to all students and employees (including faculty and NTP) is a well-ventilated Chapel where the Blessed Sacrament is reserved. Opportunities for attendance at Holy Mass, the reception of the Sacraments, prayer services, etc. are arranged for the students and employees. The spiritual and pastoral enrichment of the members of the larger community of Baybay is fostered. A prayer room is located on the second floor of the main building for accessibility for those who desire to be in communion with God at a certain hour of the day or early evening.

C.Gymnasium. A spacious gymnasium, which can also serve as an auditorium, is provided for athletics, recreational and cultural activities of the student body. It is also available for civic, religious, social and athletic functions of the municipality of Baybay.

D.Library. As a service agency, the library acts as a reservoir of information and gives assistance to the faculty, NTP and students of FCIC. The library, as an active partner in the educational program, provides the basic resources that help the students’ growth and development as persons. In order to give equal opportunity and research to all, library regulations are strictly followed. The library is opened daily from 7:30 – 11:30 A.M., 1:30 – 8:30 P.M. Monday through Friday. On Saturday, it is open from 7:30 – 11:30 A.M., 1:30 – 5:30 P.M.

The library staff sponsors an orientation program for students at the beginning of the school year so students can be informed on the operation of the library department, its rules and its regulations.

E. Instructional Media Services. An integrated component of the total educational program is the instructional Media Center frequently referred to as the Audio-Visual (AV) Room. It is located on the second floor of the Learning Resource Center.

Visualizer, set of computer, a VCR and a VHS with educational films, electronic screen, video tapes, filmstrips, slides, and transparencies with projectors for each; tape recorders, phonographs with 33 and 45 rpm discs are available for instructors’ use in class. Other audio-visual materials, such as microphone, CD players, maps, charts and mounted pictures, are maintained by the department for class use.

F.Graduate School Building. The Graduate School Department has its own separate building, in what was used to be the Piano House. They have their own offices, classrooms and conference rooms where graduate students and professors meet for classes and conferences.

G.Guidance. To aid students in utilizing their talents and directing toward successful goals, the school maintains a Guidance Department. Here, professionally trained personnel direct the extensive programs of the school and provide counseling in personal, educational, social and religious areas.

All students from elementary to college benefit from the services of the Guidance Department. Tests for evaluating academic achievement, aptitudes, personality traits, special interest and intelligence quotients (IQ) are administered from this office.

H Laboratories. 1. Science laboratories are well-lighted and ventilated rooms which are located on the first floor of the Learning Resource Center. Science equipment and chemicals are more than adequate for class use. 2. Computer laboratories are fully furnished with air-conditioning and equip with the latest technology and software. 3. Speech Laboratory is fully air-conditioned and furnished with individual speech booth and microphone for students’ instruction and a simulation room. These different laboratories are situated in the first and second floor of the LRC building

I.Health Services.The school maintains both Medical and Dental Clinics as a service to students, faculty and personnel. They are staffed with a part-time physician, a dentist, and a nurse. Physical, dental and medical examinations are regularly given to students, faculty and personnel of the college.

J.Publications. The Franciscan College of the Immaculate Conception publishes annually, the BLUE MANTLE. The REACH OUT is the official organ of the college department; THE ROVER is of the high school department and THE LIGHT is of the grade school department.

K.School Canteen. The school canteen, adjacent to the main building, is open to FCIC students, faculty and personnel. It is strategically located in the campus to insure smooth traffic at break time.

L.Textbook SectionThe textbook department is situated behind the maintenance office and is opened to FCIC students, faculty and employees during the day. School supplies including textbooks may be purchased at reasonable prices.

M.Faculty Rooms.The college and high school faculty members may rest and relax in their respective faculty rooms on the ground floor and the second floor of the main building. Each one is provided with a desk. The grade school faculty members have their own room in the elementary building. Each faculty member shall assist in maintaining the rooms and keeping them in good order.

N.Shop A small building located adjacent to the maintenance building where carpenters make and repair school/office furniture.

O.Print Shop. A small print shop is maintained by the school. It has letter press machines of 65 different point types which provide FCIC with most of its forms, report cards, stationery, and the like at low costs.

P.Mini-Stage Plaza. A small stage is situated between the main canteen and the maintenance office. It is intended for small group socio-cultural functions.

Q.Non-Formal Education Building. Fronting the Gymnasium is the NFE, accommodating the entire livelihood training skills programs, the exhibits and Gift Shop area, the Cooperative, the Office of the Community Extension Services, the Trainers’ Office, and the HRM Laboratory for the in-house practice of the HRM Junior and Senior students.

R.Bonzel Health and Nutrition Center The Bonzel Health and Nutrition Center serves the indigent members of the municipality of Baybay and its neighboring towns. This is the community outreach program of the Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration in Primary Health Care.

S.Telephone. Employees are allowed to use the phone in the Finance Office, Maintenance Office, and the Principal’s Office for business and urgent calls. Students are to use the pay phone at FCIC main gate.

T.Campus Parking Space.Employees who drive their own cars, motorcycles, tricycle, Pedicab and bicycles may avail themselves of the parking space privilege.


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