TESDA Short - Term Courses

At FCIC, we prioritize delivering exceptional education through our TESDA short-term courses. Explore our diverse curriculum, access valuable educational resources, and stay updated on our students’ holistic development. Discover our commitment to equipping individuals with practical skills through specialized TESDA programs, preparing them for a successful future. Embark on your journey toward skill development and career readiness with us at FCIC.


  • Cookery: NC II – 316 Hours
  • Bartending: NC II – 440 Hours
  • Bread and Pastry Production: NC II – 141 Hours
  • Food and Beverage Services: NC II – 356 Hours
  • Housekeeping: NC II – 436 Hours
  • Dressmaking: NC II – 280 Hours
  • Beauty Care: NC II – 216 Hours